Wedding Veils

Alluring selection of high quality swarovski crystal wedding veils which are adorned with scattered crystals and pearl appliques.  Each crystal bridal veil has exquisite detailing on the lace and are made to a very high standard and are hand sewn with Swarovski crystals and made from classic tulle or soft tulle. Choose between crank edges, satin edge or leading lace.  Elegant with many designs and styles to choose from for your special day 
Options Available:

Birdcage wedding veil: Made from netting or tulle, and comes to just below the chin, covering the face. It is worn attached to a small hat or fascinator and is a classic alternative to a tiara or headband

Blusher veil: A short veil that covers the bride's face as she walks down the aisle at the start of the ceremony.

Cathedral veil:  floor length veil which is worn long and can have two or more layers. They are best worn with a classic gown.

Chapel veil:  Fall to the floor.  Often worn with a chapel or sweep train and often combined with a blusher veil

One-tier veil: good for a sophisticated look.

Double-tier veil: This has two layers of differing length fabrics and can include a blusher veil (see above). This style will suit simple hairstyles.

Elbow veil:  Elbow length work well with romanic ball gown style dresses and reaches the middle of your back

Fingertip veil: Touches the tips of your fingers and suit many dress styles.

Flyaway veil: Touches or just covers shoulders, and is a great option for brides wanting something less formal.

Fountain veil: poufy and gathered at the crown of the head that cascades down in a fountain shape.

Mantilla : long, Spanish-style with lace edge that frames the face. Can be worn at any length.  Very popular and romantic and will add a touch of elegance to your special day.  Ideal for a formal ceremony